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NEW PAPER : A complex relation between levels of adult hippocampal neurogenesis and expression of the immature neuron marker doublecortin

Indira DAVID, Research scientist in our team, just published in Hippocampus a paper showing the versatility of doublecortin expression in the dentate gyrus of adult hippocampus. This « so-called » marker of[…]

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Yann Pelloux, winner of the Junior Professorship on the MOOD-COG Project on the study of cognitive alterations in depression

Yann Pelloux is the winner of the Junior Professor Chair (JPC) of the MOODS team of the Centre de Recherche en Epidémiologie et Santé des Populations (CESP Inserm/UVSQ/UPSaclay). His specialization[…]

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Dr Indira David is (again!) laureate of the NARSAD Young investigator award.

Indira DAVID, Research scientist in our team is one of the winners of the prestigious « 2022 National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression Young Investigator award » given by the[…]

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Pr Denis David is laureate of the Schaefer award

Four scientists at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons have received awards from the Schaefer Research Scholars Program, made possible through a bequest from Dr. Ludwig Schaefer. Each award[…]

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A Dynamic Research Team

5 Professors
3 Assistant Professors
1 Research Engineer
1 Assistant Engineer
1 Technician
2 PhD Students
1 Administrative

Our Team

Meet our scientific team

Alain Gardier

PhD, PharmD

Denis David


François Coudoré

PhD, MD, PharmD

Yann Pelloux

Junior Professor

Abdulkarim Tutakhail

PhD, PharmD

Sofia Cussotto

Assistant Professor

Jean-Philippe Guilloux

Assistant Professor

Laurent Tritschler

Assistant Professor

Indira Mendez-David

Research Engineer

Céline Defaix


Rodolphe Lebeau


Louise Huchard


A translational team, working in preclinic and with psychiatrists to better understand the underpinnings of anxio-depressive disorders

Our expertise

For the last twenty years, our laboratory gained in expertise in the context of neuropsyghopharmacology

The lab is composed of young scientists with diverse and combinatorial skills in various techniques from molecular biology to animal behavior analysis, microdialysis and electrophysiology

Our research focus on :
• developing comprehensive animal models of mood disorders
• understanding the mechanisms underlying human major depression and other mood disorders
• elucidate the mechanism of action of existing or new pharmacologic antidepressant therapies

Our laboratory has gained a strong expertise in in vivo microdialysis to evaluate intracerebral levels of monoamines, GABA and glutamate.

Emotion and cognition behavior

We can monitor emotion-related behavior and cognition using videotracking of animals’ behavior in the Open Field, Novelty Suppressed Feeding, Elevated Plus Maze, Fear Conditioning tests, Morris water maze, Barnes maze and novel object recognition tests.


Our team is expert in immunohistochemistry in the brain, for instance allowing the monitoring of adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

Optogenetics & Fiber photometry

With the use of these techniques, we can now explorate the molecular and cellular underpinnings of mood disorders and antidepressant response or resistance to treatment. 


We are now located in the Henri Moissan Building of the Université Paris Saclay

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Inserm, CESP, Moods Team
Université Paris Saclay – Batiment Henri Moissan
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Inserm, CESP, Moods Team
Université Paris Saclay – Batiment Henri Moissan
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